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Meet the September 2022 iMIS Great Things Award Winners

Meet the September award winners who are doing great things with iMIS to embrace digital transformation and improve member engagement.

iMIS Great Things Award

The iMIS Great Things Awards were created to celebrate and recognize clients and (their solution provider partners) who are using iMIS more, using it better and getting greater value from the platform; the award is not about being perfect, but it is about committing to and striving for continuous performance improvement using iMIS to advance your mission by serving your donors and community at the highest levels.

Awarded monthly, we review countless submissions from the iMIS community, sharing stories on the great things their peers, colleagues and partners are achieving. We are pleased to announce the September 2022 winners:


Congratulations to the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine for their implementation of iMIS EMS Enterprise evolution and their extraordinary membership growth

Jon Lindberg, CEO of the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine (ACRM) told us, “Our members enjoy the member portal; they are able to join or renew quickly and easily without staff assistance … By the end of 2021, still in the pandemic, our membership skyrocketed to 86,000. We attribute this growth to the capability of iMIS and the ability of iMIS to manage big data.”

But it was Jon’s vision and drive that made this initiative a success.

Melissa Mack, partner at authorized iMIS solution provider Intuitive Business Concepts (IBC), tells us, “CEO, Jon Lindberg’s unwavering vision to grow membership and increase revenue through eCommerce using iMIS EMS during the pandemic really aligned both of our teams towards the same goal.”

“IBC values our partnership with ACRM and it was our pleasure to work together with the ACRM team on their iMIS EMS Enterprise implementation.

“ACRM’s staff embraced learning the system and took ownership of the project under our guidance and proven project management methodologies.”

“Together we worked hard to maximize the usage of the iMIS Advanced Marketing communication tools to drive the organizations recruiting efforts converting prospects into members and providing member journeys with opportunities for members to engage with ACRM more frequently. We are excited to continue to work on new projects furthering ACRM’s mission to improve lives through interdisciplinary rehabilitation research by providing more ways to distribute information securely through electronic media purchased and managed through iMIS EMS.”

We are pleased to honor the entire American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine team, as well as the team at Intuitive Business Concepts, with a Great Things Award from ASI.


Congratulations to the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association and their iMIS Evolution & iMIS website

RCSA CEO, Charles Cameron, thank us for the Great Things Award, “Thank you iMIS for awarding a Great Things Award. For their website. It’s awesome. We rely on iMIS to enhance engagement and for giving our members a 360-degree experience. We love your work, iMIS. Without you, we couldn’t be the same.”

The reality is that the Recruitment, Consulting & Staffing Association (RCSA), which is the peak body for the recruitment and staffing industry in Australia and New Zealand, and Causeis, its Authorized iMIS Solution provider, provided the vision, creativity, and did all the work; iMIS provided the tools.

At the start was the recognition that RCSA needed a meaningful web presence to help them meet its lofty goals; setting the benchmark for professionalism through standard setting, education, research and business advisory support to our member firms and accredited professionals for the recruitment and staffing industry.

Not only did RCSA select Causeis, as their website partner, but they also chose iMIS RiSE to power their new website instead of other CMS options that were proposed by other developers.

Campbell Thomson, Account Manager at Causeis told us, “The website solution consisted of a seamlessly integrated Engagement Management System (EMS) website with iMIS RiSE from ASI. This is an industry ‘best practice’ solution that eliminates disparate databases and multiple systems that would otherwise require costly integration and maintenance efforts.”

“Together with RCSA, Causeis developed the new website wireframes, styles, information and navigational architecture, user experience to develop an improved member-centric site. The new website provides the RCSA membership community with the ability to access industry information, register for events, update, and renew their membership and much more.”

“Having launched their new iMIS RiSE website in April 2022, RCSA have empowered their staff with the ability to directly manage their online content, significantly improving their speed-to-market and increasing their online presence and overall usability. RCSA have introduced a comprehensive member portal that gives members the ability to access a myriad of self-service benefits including:

  • Online join and renewals for new members, both for individuals and organisations
  • Access to self-service receipts, tax invoices, personalised templates
  • Register to any one of their numerous events and/or webinars run each year
  • Personalised content dynamically presented across the site for members, including blogs, articles, news, and whitepapers

Robin Shepherd, Head of Operations and Member Service at RCSA, described this initiative best, “Causeis helped us develop an iMIS website that has a beautiful, contemporary look and feel while providing easy and clear messaging and clear calls to action. Our website combines with our iMIS database and is supported by that we can deliver dynamic content to our members that is really personalized.”

We are pleased to honor the entire RCSA team as well as the Causeis team with a Great Things Award from ASI.


Showcase Your Digital Transformation

We love hearing and sharing the great things that the iMIS community is achieving. You’re invited to share your iMIS story on how your association, union or non-profit has transformed your overall performance, streamlined your business processes, improved member engagement, increased member retention, or any way that iMIS helps you achieve your mission’s goals and keeps you ready for the next big thing.

To nominate an organization or nominate your team for a Great Things Award and share your iMIS story visit the iMIS website at

iMIS Great Things Award


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